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Cupboard Handles – To improve the aesthetic qualities of door reinforcement, many modern day manufacturers are producing knobs that come with fake wall plaques. This plate covers the operative assembly of the door handle, as well as the screws. The end result is an aerodynamic design. But that will, however, make it difficult to access the screws to remove the handle until you know how to remove the trim plate.

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Instructions: Examine the edge of the metal plate on the cupboard handles. On the inner side of the door, and look for a concealed and recessed screw. This screw holds the plate in place and is usually sunk on the side of the plate. Making it difficult to see it with the naked eye. Find an Allen wrench that fits into the screw, trying each one of the set until one fits.

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Insert the tip of the key into the screw, and turn it counterclockwise until the faceplate slides freely. It may be that sometimes the door cupboard handles uses another type of screw, such as one with Philips head. If so, use a Philips screwdriver instead of an Allen wrench. Remove the trim plate from the front of the door. The faceplate may come off completely, depending on the design of the door handle. If it is not, rotate the plate until the base screws are accessible.