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Galvanized Metal Tray – Galvanized steel is design so that it does not rust, so if you have galvanized steel that has been oxidized it means that the galvanizing has completely vanish in those areas. Galvanizing consists of zinc, which corrodes instead of the actual metal to prevent oxidation. When zinc is gone completely, the true rust is set. You can remove rust from galvanized steel, but you will need to repair the area that has been oxidized to prevent rust from simply returning when the metal is exposed to moisture.

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Instructions: Clean galvanized metal tray. Clean small steel parts using cleaning rags with three drops of liquid detergent to remove dirt, dust and large pieces of rust. Larger items can be pressure washer. The point is simply to remove the dirt so that you can focus on the oxidized areas. Scrape large rust surfaces with a wire brush. Use firm pressure and forward and backward movement to remove rust from the metal.

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The wire brush can scratch the metal, but since you have to paint and re-galvanize anyway, no problem. Use your goggles from this point forward to keep the rust particles out of your eyes. Sand any remaining oxide. Use a firm pressure and rub the sandpaper back and forth over the oxidized galvanized metal tray areas. Do not sand the entire element unless it is completely oxidizing.