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Freestanding Tubs – In this occasion, we will give you the necessary advice to clean an acrylic bathtub. Because it is the material of your free bathtub the first thing. That you must take into consideration to choose the most effective method of cleaning. It does not matter if the tub you have is a retro bathtub with legs or a vintage bathtub. The idea is that the surface both internal and external of the exempt bathtub is clean and without traces of stains. Grease or scratches while keeping intact its original shine.

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And is that some cleaning products can cause irreversible damage to the acrylic, causing its eventual deterioration. To properly clean your acrylic bath it is advisable to buy a specific product. However, this is not a strict rule, and this will depend on the amount of dirt you face. Therefore, the frequency with which you clean your exempt freestanding tubs is key.

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In bathroom environment we recommend that you clean your bathtub at least twice a week. This way the products to use can be lighter in its chemical composition. And can even make you a homemade recipe, as long as it is not a detergent abrasive or any other chemical that may damage the surface of your freestanding tubs. In this sense, an effective trick will be to fill your bathtub with lukewarm water and add 3 or 4 tablespoons of a dishwasher.