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Free Standing Tubs – A cast iron, claw foot tub is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. These tubs add a classic and romantic touch to the room. Cleaning and care of a cast iron bathtub are slightly different to the care of pots found in most homes. Unlike porcelain or other materials that use today for bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs have a finish enamel makes cleaning a delicate task. Care of a cast iron bathtub is easy when you use the right materials.

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Instructions: Get the free standing tubs wet and then pour some baking soda into the tub, making a paste. Make sure it is a thin paste that is not too abrasive. Add more water as needed to dilute the sodium bicarbonate paste. Use a soft cloth or regular soft sponge to gently wash the cast iron bathtub in a circular motion. Do not use vigorous pressure, because the abrasiveness of baking soda can damage the enamel of the bathtub.

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Rinse the baking soda with water. Rinse the cloth or sponge free of baking soda. Add a mild cleaner for the tub as a liquid dish soap. Using the sponge or soft cloth, gently wipe the free standing tubs with the cleaner. Free foam rinses to ensure all dirt comes from. Continue to rub gently until the tub is not dirty.

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