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Free Standing Towel Rack – With a little luck we have a small hole to place it. But if we have chosen a wall-to-wall continuum cabinet. We have storage columns on the only free wall and the toilet and shower occupy the rest of the space. So we have to give a return to the matter and look for the best option to be able to dry our hands. Below we show you the most common options where to place the free standing towel rack. Yes, it is preferable to think about it before starting the bathroom remodel.

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There are washbasin cabinets that bring by default a hanger, usually come on one side of it. For our part, it remains to decide whether we prefer the free standing towel rack on one side of the shelf (or sink) or the bottom. Here we have two possibilities and it is convenient to make a decision as far as practicality is concerned. We can take advantage of a shooter the own furniture to put our towel on it. But that handle should not be that of a drawer and that there are more drawers underneath. The towel can be very uncomfortable when we want to access the lower drawers. Ideally, it is a complete removable module. On the other hand, it will also be practical in cases where we have a shelf with baskets under the sink. Which is less frequently accessed.

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