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60 inch double vanity inserting a double sink in a bathroom that has only one sink. Replacing a sink with double sinks usually requires a commitment of two to three hours and a second pair of hands. Double sinks are very heavy, especially if you use some of the exotic types of stone. A double sink can be connected to a single sink drain.

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Preliminary Work

Measure the length and width of the old sink and vanity under the sink. Also measures the maximum wall to wall space for a new sink. Required these measurements to see the new sink fit in the proposed space. These measurements will also check if a new vanity needed.

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Install Double Sink

Set new 60 inch double vanity in place. Make sure the vanity is level, and then secure the vanity to the wall studs with new screws. The place a line of dense along the top of the vanity and set new dual sinks in place on top of the vanity. Place two new cranes in the two sets of tap holes on the new sink. Place and tighten the faucet nuts under the sink to secure the cranes.

The connect the hot and cold water lines to each crane. Connect both hot water from every faucet to a T-fitting. Leave the existing J-shaped drain pipe in place. Connecting a T-tube to the end of the J-tube. Tighten the T-pipe and connect the left side of the tee to the left sink drain. Connect the right side of the tee to the right of the sink drain. Tighten all connections. Test pipes for leaks by running water through the two drains at the same time. This can be done by turning on both platforms. We invite you to look at our 12 double vanity in the photo gallery. Bound to find many 60 inch double vanity ideas to adapt to yours.


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