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Antique brass hardware refers to a specific time period doors, windows, cabinets, furniture or other home hardware pieces. Depending on the era, the hardware was (and still is) manufacture in a wide variety of materials. Include forget or cast iron, solid brass, tin, copper, steel, or even glass. The popularity of the design and the materials. Vary during different periods of architecture.

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Antique brass hardware for the home is a wonderful way to add elegance to any room, doors, or furniture. A wide variety of materials designs and finishes give you the opportunity to use. The old pieces or add the final touches to a wonderful new addition to your home. While antique hardware may be more limit in availability. Reproduction antique hardware beautifully hand cast and finish in accordance with your design needs.

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To maintain all the details of the original design. And are often available in a wider variety of finishes include Polish Brass, antique brass hardware. Reproduction antique hardware product today – allow you to combine those patterns in doors, windows, kitchen cabinets you and much more. This is a simple way to introduce the general theme to your home.