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Shower mixing valve – First, pry the cap off Moen shower valve handles, using a flat screwdriver for leverage. The cap slides into a slot on the end of the shower valve handle and covers the handle mounting screw. Second, keep shower valve handle still with one hand and turn the handle mounting screw counterclockwise with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the handle of the shower valve flow valve. The handle slides over the end of the flow valve stem.

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Push capsizing off flow valve, exposing the float valve stem and shower mixing valve is knob. Fourth, turn flow valve stem counterclockwise, turn on the water flow through the shower head. Wait until the water coming out of the shower head to reach its maximum temperature, usually about 2:58 minutes. Measure the water temperature with a thermometer. Turn flow valve stem clockwise, turn off the water flow.

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Good Shower Mixing ValveSize: 1067 x 800

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Pull the shower mixing valve knob, plastic knob around flow valve base, outside valve stem. If thermometer reading exceeded 120 degrees Fahrenheit or water temperature feels too hot, turn the mixing valve clockwise a quarter turn. Turn the knob counterclockwise lowers the water’s high limit temperature. Turn mixer valve knob clockwise a quarter turn to raise the water temperature high limit. Push valve knob into the flow valve stem. Last, set the Moen flow valve trim ring on valve. Push handle shower at the end of the flow valve stem and tighten the handle mounting screw with the Phillips screwdriver. Press the cap into the hole at the end of Moen shower valve handle.

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