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Instant hot water faucet – The two valve control on almost any kitchen mixers deliver a mix of hot and cold water. Adjust the valves, whether they are working with two knobs or a single lever faucet control. And you can control the water temperature and flow. You can also make other adjustments to the plumbing that will change the water volume and the ratio of hot to cold flow into your sink. These changes will only take a few minutes.

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Adjust the volume of instant hot water faucet; turn off the water at the tap over the sink. Open cabinet doors under the sink to locate the two water valves inside the back wall. The knob on the left controls the cold water. And then turn the right knob under the sink clockwise to increase water volume to the highest level that will be as far as the wheel will turn. Use a pair of pliers or a wrench to turn the wheel proves difficult. Turn the knob counterclockwise to decrease the volume of hot water by the sink faucet.

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Adjust the left dial to change the amount of cold water flows through the instant hot water faucet. Then adjust the temperature control on your hot water tank to increase or decrease the temperature of the hot water. Temperature control is typically located on the side of the tank. On some tanks, you must remove the bent metal plate on the tank side near the top with a screwdriver to expose the temperature control during. However, this will affect all faucets in the house, not just the sink.

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