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Copper outdoor lighting – Copper is a material that has been consider a little aesthetic. But that little by little is discovering to world all its advantages. It is a metal noble hygienic, economic and ecological now part of an endless number of lamp designs. Copper gets a retro aesthetic that many designers use to imitate vintage lamps.

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Copper outdoor lighting is another design, create with a large screen 30 centimeters in diameter, create in past with dimensions that fit a powerful bulb that heated too. For that reason screen should be as far away as possible from heat of bulb. Design remained same as original. Copper has been use for supporting and aluminum for screen. Tom Dixon is another expert designer at creating collections of copper lamps. But he plays with a combination of metals that create a spectacular reflection. Pure copper was used for interior, while final effect is achieved by outer coating in polycarbonate.

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Copper Outdoor LightingSize: 900 x 1080

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You see that both covered in copper only in details or completely, lamps dressed in this material are a great success and integrate quite well in all styles. In addition, it is a coating that requires little care and very durable. And not only famous designers create them , you can find copper outdoor lighting cheaper in rakes or antique shops , but also in home decorating stores. Look for them!