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Install New Engine with Angle Stop Valve

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Angle stop valve – A household water supply valve is a small inexpensive valve is normally mounted on the wall under a sink or toilet. These simple valves are rarely used, left on for most of his lifetime, and often fail over time due to corrosion or mineral deposits that undermines their no internal moving parts. When replacement is required, it is easy to complete the procedure.

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Angle Stop Valve WhiteSize: 600 x 600

Angle Stop Valve MetalSize: 766 x 800

Angle Stop Valve LowesSize: 600 x 600

Angle Stop Valve LeakSize: 800 x 800

Angle Stop Valve ImageSize: 769 x 576

Angle Stop Valve BrownSize: 540 x 720

Install the new Valve

Clean the open end of the copper water pipe with a piece of plumbing Emory cloth. Wrap three layers of Teflon thread tape around the threads on both the new angle stop valve connecting the inlet. Push the large nut from the new valve on copper pipes, keeping open the threaded side out.

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Slide the new valve brass compression ring of copper tube. Push the new angle shut-off valve on copper pipes and secure by threading the large nut clockwise on the connection and ventilinlopps hand tighten. Attach the water from the sink faucet or toilet tank to the small bay connecting the new angle stop valve and tighten. Tighten both the angle stop valve hex nut connections a quarter turn with a wrench. Turn on the water and open the new valve by turning the valve handle clockwise.


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