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Angle stops – The valves are common in every household, especially those used to turn water on and off, sometimes referred to as a pin. Located throughout the home plumbing fixtures and found the outdoor water pipes and garden hose spigots, grasping shutoff valves sometimes, especially when it is not used regularly. Over time, unused angle stops buildup of corrosion and mineral deposits due to hard water types. Liberate seized off valves are often simple, but in the end depends on the cause and seized the valve is fixed.

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Spray angle stops with a lubricant spray. These lubricants can penetrate the valve, help loosen it. Loosen the bonnet nut, located at the base of the stem, with a wrench. The valve handle is opposite; bonnet nut is where the shaft meets the valve body. Try to work loose step by step. Do not force it, because bonnet nut to attach the shoulder.

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Turn the valve handle for bonnet nut is loose. It should operate freely. It may be necessary to tighten the bonnet nut slightly, if it leaks after loosening. Use a torch to free the angle stops. If the valve is gripped hard, heat the base of the shaft around the bonnet nut. While heating the area evenly, try to close the valve handle until it detaches and turns.