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Antique bathtubs-Sinking into antique bathtubs is a great way to end a stressful day. Antique bathtubs long as they are made of cast iron. Before attaching the new feet for the bath, make sure yours is old and made of cast iron. Replica tubs are often made of acrylic. A claw foot tub with no holes for the legs may need to be drilled by a professional.

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Clean the inside and outside of the tub. If the bathtub is acrylic, be careful not to use cleaners that may scratch the surface. Drill holes in the rounded corners of your bath tub need them. If your antique bathtubs, it will likely have the hole already. If your bathtub is cast iron, which most antique claw foot tub is, should this type of drilling is not done by someone not familiar with the process, because the porcelain coating on the tub can crack off.

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Antique Style BathtubsSize: 900 x 860

Antique Metal BathtubsSize: 667 x 1000

Antique Bathtubs PriceSize: 732 x 900

Antique Baby BathtubsSize: 773 x 925

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Place the bolt on foot through the holes on the drain side of the tub first. Having a partner to lift the tub, if possible, while doing this, or shore up the antique bathtubs several cinder blocks at a height that makes it easier for you to do the job.  Line up the bolt, if it can slide in the foot, to the desired angle and then reach into the tub and put the nut on the end of the foot bolt.

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