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Antique brass faucet – Towel rack, soap dish, tissue roll paper… The key of a good decoration is many times in the details. Bathroom accessories can help us give that touch of design. And personality in a simple and effective way. However, on this occasion, more than talking about trends and functionalities. we will tell you about their materials and one of the main doubts that arise in this regard: stainless steel or brass?

Posted on October 13, 2017 faucet

Moisture and, therefore, corrosion, is one of the aspects that most concern us when we buy an accessory for the bathroom. Since they are going to be in quite contact with the water. what we want is that they do not get ugly with the time and they begin to peel. Both antique brass faucet and stainless steel have this characteristic. However, there are differences between them.

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Antique brass faucet is king in bathroom accessories. It is a material that by itself is very little reactive to oxygen. If we add that the pieces are then bathed in nickel and chrome. We have a final result completely stainless. In addition, it allows the pieces to be manufacture in a single block being able to create designs more varied. And attractive, avoiding points of welding that can be vulnerable to the corrosion.