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Brushed nickel cabinet hardware – If you are looking for a dramatic way to update your kitchen. Installing new cabinets may be right project for you. Update kitchen cabinets can change whole look of your kitchen. Experiment with a new style or design that complements other existing features in your kitchen. Such as floors, walls, counter tops and also hardware. Kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of styles, materials and also colors.

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Brushed nickel cabinet hardware has a glossy sheen that adds rich, old-style cabinets. A nickel finish complements most cabinet styles and materials. And also its durability and classic look means that you do not have to worry about replacing your cabinet hardware for a long time. Then, nickel cabinet hardware hides scratches. And fingerprints better than many other surface treatments, such as brass. Clean cabinet knobs and handles regularly with a commercial metal cleanser. And then polish them with clean cloth jewelry to maintain ancient nickel sheen.

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It is easy to find a matching replacement pieces in a nickel finish. Especially if you stick with same manufacturer. Other finishes, such as oil-rubber bronze or lacquer brass. They are more likely to vary in color between production cycles. If your brushed nickel cabinet hardware are seriously damage or are cover by built-up dirt. You do not replace it. Soak knobs and pulls overnight in a mixture of four parts water to one part vinegar. Rinsing pieces with clean water dry thoroughly and buff with a clean cloth jewelry.