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Contemporary mailboxes – Most mailboxes in this country green. But there is absolutely no law that forbids one to choose more decorative solutions. Especially after a few years of life. It might be nice if your mailbox gets a makeover. Our mailbox chose to spray paint and decorating. See how we did it, and be inspire to you!

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As always begins paint job with cleaning. A thorough cleaning of the contemporary mailboxes should anyway take every spring in connection with the house washed out. But it’s really now words about renovation. And then you can allow you to use an effective power washing. Spray finishing can be advantageously carried out. But you should still make sure to limit the spill using a cardboard box where you place your mailbox while you spray on varnish.

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Remember that fine paint dust can be easily carrier by the wind and make a mess in the house or car. Spray varnish is applied in thin coats until it covers well. Sprays on too much at a time, you get easy himself. The personal touches we make for example using stencils that cut of the cake surface with lace pattern. The template is place on the contemporary mailboxes and the paint-post on with a little sponge.

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