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Mailbox planter will add immediate sidewalk appeal to your home and property. When choosing how to decorate area around your mailbox. Consider restrictions such as proximity to a busy street. Also heavy foot traffic, planting area where you live and guidelines of Owners Association for your neighborhood. Arrangement of your flowers on the flower bed requires thought. And consideration to avoid having a casual appearance.

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Arrangement of your flowers on flower bed requires thought. And consideration to avoid having a casual appearance. Arranging your flowers and plants for color is a simple way to start. Depending on size and shape of your mailbox planter. You could arrange flowers in rows according to color. If your parcel is square or rectangular in shape. Arrange flower beds that are circular in shape with flowers in arches instead of rows. Place tallest plants in back and shortest in front.

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White Mailbox PlanterSize: 800 x 533

Mailbox Planter ThemeSize: 800 x 500

Mailbox Planter PotsSize: 1000 x 1000

Mailbox Planter HouseSize: 900 x 675

Mailbox Planter HomeSize: 870 x 450

Mailbox Planter GardenSize: 900 x 675

Diy Mailbox PlanterSize: 1066 x 609

Build Mailbox PlanterSize: 900 x 695

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Once you plant your flowers, add mulch, river stone or gravel as a final touch to help soil retain moisture. These materials also help to deter weeds. Although you will find pesky weeds that you get to break through. And also you can add a decorative molding around your garden with bricks. And paver stones or other landscaping materials to form a defined edge around mailbox planter.

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