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Standing towel rack – Bathroom towel rack is both stylish and practical as long as you install the drying rack hardware correctly. Towel racks are often more than a towel, and often these towels are wet and heavy. A drying rack that is not properly install can cause extensive damage to the plaster while one sure will last indefinitely.

Posted on November 4, 2017 Bathroom

Keep the standing towel rack in the exact spot on the wall where you want it installed. Label each end of the towel rack, and use your stud finder to determine whether to drill into the stone wall or a stud. Use your level to ensure that the brands are even. Use your level to ensure the marks you made are square. Attach a mounting plate to the wall without completely tightening the screw. If there is no stud, screw in a metal toggle anchor until the head is flush against the wall. And attach the mounting plate by turning the screw in the anchor. If there is a stud, simply unscrew the mounting plate directly into the stud; no toggle anchor is necessary.

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New Standing Towel RackSize: 1500 x 1500

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Place the drying rack on the mounting plate you installed. And double check that the opposing mark is in the right place. Place the drying rack over both installed mounting plates and re-level. Fix the standing towel rack to the mounting plates and secure with the Allen key to tighten the small screw in each end of the drying rack until it is firmly in place.