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Wall mounted sinks-If you have a small bathroom, you look for ways to squeeze every inch of available space out of the room. As long as you can refrain from the storage space, wall hung sinks can be a perfect option to get the most of your bathroom area and makes the sink easier to clean. Anyone can install wall mounted sinks and it only takes a little effort and some materials to do this.

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Check for a stud in the wall that can support drops. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. Remove the plaster with a saw from the area of the wall where the wall mounted sinks will be installed – about 30 inches above the floor, depending on where the studs. Then install 2-by-6 or 2-by-8 wood blocks between the wall studs and hammer in place with galvanized nails. Repairing plaster with a hole as a template and cut out a piece with a saw. Add it in place and secure with joint compound. Sand with medium-grit sandpaper when it dries. Connect the faucet and drain in the wall with a wrench. And then make a hole in the wall with a power drill. Then mounting screws and brackets on the wall with the drill. Hanging sinks on brackets on the wall. Use a level to make sure the sink is straight. And install the P-trap and drain the arm to the drain stub-out and then connect the water supply pipes to the isolation valves with a wrench.

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Wall Mounted Sink BaseSize: 858 x 666

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