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Modern bathroom sink – Wall mount sinks are a modern, minimalist solution for modern bathrooms. Although wall-mount sinks are available in large sizes, small wall-mount sinks are a space-saving addition in a small bathroom. Wall-mount sinks come without a vanity or pedestal. Instead they secure directly to wall and being fed through either an attached or wall-mounted faucet. Wall mount sinks are available in a variety of materials, including elegant and expensive natural stone or carved wood.

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Modern bathroom sink vessel customizable options for small sinks. Vessel sinks are design to look like a free-standing bowl rather than a sink. And also bowl sink sitting on top of a simple shelf or small step forward for a full vanity to save space and reduce clutter. Vessel sinks are pair with a wall-mount faucet, and design combinations of vessels and faucets meet a variety of aesthetics.

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Modern Bathroom SinkSize: 915 x 686

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Choose a mute gray stone sink and a brushed stainless steel faucet for a modern bathroom sink. A rusty brushed bronze tripod paired with a white porcelain vessel adds a touch of country style. Ships are also available in a variety of shapes, but traditional round bowls is a possibility, more modern and sleek rectangular or square bowls are also attractive, although broad base requires a large table space.