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Bathroom sink drain assembly sometimes called the tailpiece, roads much more than just water to the home plumbing. Hair and soap can accumulate inside the unit and slowly stop the flow of water. Hair tends to accumulate around the bathroom sink drain plug. Soap then solidifies the hair and exacerbates the problem. Sometimes the clog can be deleted without removing the tapping device, but in extreme cases, the drainage device is removed. If the mount leaks, removing the only option.

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Disconnect the drain from plumbing

Before draining the unit can be removed from the bathroom sink drain, the device must be disconnected from the home plumbing. Place a bucket under the curved tube that connects the tailpiece to the tube that goes into the wall. This curved conduit called a P-trap. P-trap has a small amount of water, even if the sink is not used, to keep the sewage smell from rising into the house.

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Needed for the bucket to catch the water. Loosen fitting at both ends of the P-trap with a wrench, then pull the trap out of the pipes and let the water drain into the bucket. Lift rod, the metal rod extending from the rear of the tailpiece. The rod is attached to the end of a vertical bracket. The upper portion of the bracket is secured to the bottom of the pop-up mechanism.

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