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Bathroom towel rack – The first thing you do when you step out of the shower is reaching for a towel. A towel rack or rod put towels next to the shower and just where you need them. Basic towel rack comprises only one pole, hung between two hooks or pieces attach to the wall. For a rustic look, put tree branches to the bathroom and use them as towel racks. This Old House offers examples of pieces of metal, including towel racks and toilet paper holders, with a nature-inspired theme.

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Ideas for bathroom towel rack, if you have access to an old tree or tree branches fall down in your garden, use one of them instead. Inspect the wood carefully and looking for signs or termite damage. And also cut the branch down to the appropriate size for your bathroom, and strip the bark from the wood if you prefer a cleaner look. Two hooks hung near the shower is strong enough to support the bathroom towel rack. Use a smaller branch and additional hooks for towels placed near the bathroom sink.

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Also use hotel style bathroom towel rack, you ever stayed in a hotel, you may have noticed the settings that hotels use for towels and washcloths. In some cases, shelves offset, which clearly shows what kind of towel sitting on each shelf. The basic shelves have a large shelf at the top and at least a drying rack for hanging.

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