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Towel shelves – There are many ways to store towels in your bathroom , beyond how big they are. Instead of having towels on all sides, keep them neat and convenient to reach. An organized bathroom is more functional. Coat racks, shelves and towel cabinets are three of the many storage solutions for towels.

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Towel Shelves

There are different types of coat racks for storing bath towels. Towel shelves can be used to put towels folded over or you can hang them from the rails. A railing rack to hang from below also has space to hang your towels. A multi-level coat rack can be placed on the wall near the tub or shower , giving you the convenience of having clean towels when you need them. A single rod mounted on the wall is a coat rack that gives you another place to put a pair of towels. You can add as many rods as you need.

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Bathroom Towel ShelvesSize: 300 x 300

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Put towel shelves in any empty wall space in your bathroom. The space above the toilet is an unused area that may be ideal for storing towels. Construct them directly on the wall. Adjustable shelves fit into a wall, so you can change them as you like. If there is space, put them behind the doors to store towels. The vertical space on the doors or windows can also accommodate shelves. Put a basket or container on the shelf and put the towels inside.