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Replacing bathroom vanities at Lowes is a quick way to change the look of your bathroom. Remove the old countertop seems complicated, but you can do it with basic household tools. Go slowly; you do not want to damage the wall or remaining vanity stand.

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Instructions to Remove Bathroom Vanities at Lowes

Turn off the water to the sink, turn the two knobs below. These buds are shut off valves that control the hot and cold water to the tap. Turn both hot and cold water to drain line. You can also turn off the water supply to the building. Place a large bucket under the pipe Assembly under the sink.

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Loosen the two nuts that connect the trap the U shaped tube to the sink and the pipe leading into the wall. Nuts are at the ends of the trap. Unscrew the nuts and remove the trap; Water will spill out into the bucket. Move the bucket against the wall during the shut off valves. Loosen the nuts just above the valve knobs and disconnect the pipes that lead up to the tap.

More water will spread out. Cut through the caulking that connects the sink to countertop with a dull knife or hammer. Chisel, if the sink is a separate piece. Remove the sink. Cut through the caulking that connects the countertop to the wall. Tips bathroom vanities at Lowes recommend having an assistant help you remove the sink and countertop.

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