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Bathtub Grab Bars Installation – The bathrooms provide a number of important functions of facilitating personal hygiene to remove waste. Bathrooms can also represent danger from various types of injury. To increase security suite, recommends Consumer Product Safety Board installation of the bathtub grab bars as a secondary security measure. Although many companies produce a variety of handle, they share an almost uniform design and manufacturing standards. With the right tools and techniques, you can install a bathtub grab bars in your home.

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Keep a bathtub grab bars on the wall above a bathtub at the desired height. You may want to install the bar level or at an angle. Use a level to make sure you have placed the support handle to the desired angle. Mark the location of the screw holes at each end of the support bar against the wall. Put on safety glasses. Drill holes through the places marked on the wall using a drill and a driver bit about the size of the screws. If you hit the wall studs, you can drive screws directly into the pilot holes. If you do not hit the wall studs, you must install the drywall anchors. Use a drill of approximately the same size as the anchors to drill pilot holes for the anchors.

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Install drywall anchors in their holes and tap them flush with the wall surface with the aid of a hammer. Holds the bathtub grab bars in place so that the screw holes in the bar in line with the pilot holes in the wall or drywall anchors. Install grab bars in place with a drill and screw bit with the screws. Push the end caps to the ends of the support handle and over the exposed mounting screws. Depending on the type of end caps, screw or push them in place at each end of the support bar.