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Bathtub shelf – Add a tub tile shelf for bath and shower enclosure to give your bathroom a customized look while making the area more functional and easier to clean. A tile shelf allows you to hold shampoo bottles and razors from the sides and corners of the bathtub, which leads to a less cluttered look. Tile shelves are best installed while tiling rest of the tub and shower area. Whatever type of shelving you choose, make sure each shelf tilts slightly toward the drain. So water does not pool next to the wall tiles. This will help you avoid leakage and make the shelves easier to clean.

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Round or triangular corner shelves are functional and attractive additions to the bathtub shelf enclosure. Consider installing more than one shelf in the same corner if you need more space. Measure the height of your tallest toiletries to estimate how much space to leave between shelves. If your hardware store selling scrap pieces of marble or granite. And you may be able to have a corner shelf cut from their choice of leftovers.

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As a result use pieces of contrasting or matching tiles to build a ledge of the one or more walls in your bathtub enclosure. Consider using long marble trim pieces for a cheap shelving solution. Make sure they are wide enough to keep your shower accessories. Consider how your family in and out of the bathtub shelf and shower. And install ledge at a height that ensures no one will accidentally bump their head or shoulder on it.

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