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Mirror mounting hardware – I like mirrors, who does not? They reflect light, give shine at night and are perfect for decorating, not just in the bathroom. To implement these ideas does not take much work. Because we can buy the glasses already cut in the glass. It is the simplest form, since a glass cutter, besides being very expensive, is very difficult to handle.

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Today we will see ideas for decorating with mirrors. I’m sure everyone will find an idea that fits perfectly into the space I was thinking about decorating. An idea that is very nice and also is very easy to implement is to attach the mirror mounting hardware on the shelves or cabinets. All we have to do is take the measurement to cover. Then, order the mirror and stick it to the furniture with silicone. The result is beautiful and very decorative. An old window is a perfect structure to create a decorative mirror in a creative way.

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Mirror mounting hardware with shapes, to decorate. For example, with square mirrors, we paste with silicone, decorate the ceiling or a wall. Then, I think this idea is great to decorate a bathroom wall with details of stoneware. Mirrors with shapes for decoration are sold cut. The only job is to stick them to the wall. I’m afraid they come with adhesive

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