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Toilet flange – The toilet flange serves a dual purpose; connect the toilet to the waste line while holding the toilet to the floor. As many plumbing fittings, it goes unnoticed until something goes wrong, and when something does, the results is uncomfortable. If flange corrodes and breaks, water leaks out of the bottom of the toilet and sewage smells escape into the bathroom. Replacing the flange is not difficult if you understand its anatomy.

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Understanding Flange

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Toilet flange has two parts. One part is a metal ring which screws to the floor directly below the toilet. The ring has two slots for the toilet bolts extending upward through holes in the bottom of the toilet and holding it to the floor. Inside the ring is a short length of plastic drain pipe to glue the waste line. To do this adhesive connection before bolting the flange to the floor and you do that by working under the floor.

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Assembling a new Flange

Toilet flange come with different size drain lines, so make sure the new text matches the removing. Glue a coupling to the pipe flange with PVC cement, and then releasing the flange in place and bonded the other end of the connection to the waste pipe. If it does not, you may need to cut drain pipe back a few inches and extend it by pasting on another link with a short length of pipe. When bonding is complete, the metal ring is seated on the floor. Screw it down with No. 10 galvanized screws or bolts.

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