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Vertical toilet paper holder – Toilet paper is a necessity in the toilet. A toilet paper holder helps to organize and store this necessity in a decorative. And then attractive manner which cannot be achieved by throwing the paper on the back of the tank or on the corner of the sink. Holder’s toilets in a huge variety of styles, colors, themes and finishes to suit any personality or bathroom fittings.

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Vertical freestanding vertical toilet paper holder usually consists of a pole attached to a tripod. But they may have a small cabinet base. These holders store several replacement rolls in either a closed cabinet base, or roll simply slides down the pole. A vertical bar can be as simple as the handle of a bathroom plunger. Or as intricate as a carved cabinet with a hook at the top to hold and distribute the top of paper.

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Wall mounted vertical toilet paper holder attach to the wall with simple fasteners. These holders are available in a variety of designs and patterns to match bathroom decor. Either closed on both sides with a spring loaded center for charging the tissue or open on one side to allow the tissue to easily slide into place, wall brackets are the most common choice of homeowners.