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Beverage tubs – There is a wide range of planters as indoor and outdoor gardens. Each house plants and flowers that hung on the wall, which is on the porch stairs or in the foyer. These creative planters are more than just a place for your flowers, they add a unique decoration for your home.

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For an economic planter, use a beverage tubs or ice bucket. So, these are sold cheaply in the summer and you see them in the retail and home improvement stores. A large tin ice bucket makes a great planter for flowers or large shrubs and vines. And then mount several plants and flowers in a miniature garden on your porch. In the winter, just take it indoors. Then the punch drainage holes in these items with a drill or a hammer and nails.

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While use beverage tubs, you can use shoes and boots are fun and creative planter ideas. Each shoe or boot will do and fancy shoe, the more fun it is to use as a planter. Fill a few shoe, boot, high heel or rubber rain galoshes with dirt. Then the seeds. If needed, some poke holes in the toe of the shoe. Most shoes and boots are not waterproof and will drain away. If you use overshoes, take an ice pick or other sharp object and add a few holes through the bottom sole.