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Brass shower head – Centuries ago, when the high culture is still concentrate on what is visible to the public. The manifestation of the grandeur is always display in the living room, terrace, or anywhere that can provide a way for people to socialize. This time, though, the bathroom is consider one of the most important places. In the House because more and more people consider it a holy place. So for those who love all things antique. You need to make sure that your bathroom has the best antiques available. One of the pieces that can help you give your bathroom a desired look is vintage antique brass shower head.

Posted on June 25, 2017 Hardware

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For starters, antique brass shower head is a perforate nozzle that releases the water. The reason why it makes a good material brass is that the composition. Which is a combination of zinc and copper, and can be customized. For example, put more copper brass gives a reddish gold tones or rich while adding more zinc gives you a light yellow appearance resembling gold. There are many antique brass shower heads sale today. What’s good about it is that the features of different generations, cultures and eras. As a result, you will be able to achieve a balance between what is consider old while adding something more modern.

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For example, your antique brass shower head can be an indication of a Viking expedition which led to the Gothic rule in Central Europe. You can even try mixing things to add more courage and calmness in your bathroom. Also, antique brass shower head that has many practical uses. When developed for use brass pipes, mixed with a type of cans that prevents corrosion and rust. In addition to this, the coat lacquer to apply.

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