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24×36 mirror – Mirrors are key pieces in the decoration, because they can offer different sensations according to our purpose. Whether to give a sense of spaciousness, luminosity, depth or continuity. The mirrors dress the rooms creating interesting effects thanks to the projection of their reflection. There are many types of mirrors and models. And also shapes and sizes depend on our choice that will be base on our tastes and needs.

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In every room a 24×36 mirror is a piece that can not miss, the design and quantity. Also distribution that we want to give, will mark our style and personality. The presence of the mirrors in the dressing rooms of our house is indisputable. From the basic and practical functions they offer us, to the original. And great designs that we can create with this element, they become our best allies.

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24×36 Mirror WallSize: 900 x 900

24×36 Mirror VanitySize: 900 x 900

24×36 Mirror SizeSize: 800 x 800

24×36 Mirror LightingSize: 1000 x 1200

24×36 Mirror LedSize: 900 x 824

24×36 Mirror FrameSize: 900 x 900

24×36 Mirror FixSize: 900 x 900

24×36 Mirror DecorSize: 900 x 900

24×36 Mirror BathroomSize: 900 x 900

24×36 Mirror ArtSize: 800 x 800

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The frames of the 24×36 mirror play an important role in their presentation, they can make them look classic or modern and that will set the tone for placement in our rooms. The lining of this wall, worn and retro look, is adorned with the presence of the beauty of this spectacular mirror with an opaque gold frame that makes it look elegant and romantic.

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