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Bronze door handles – Even changing a door handle may not seem like rocket science, it can still be a little tricky if you have a door handle without screws. A door handle that seems to have no screws on the outside will still attach through the hole in the door with screws. The trick is to get the door handle plate outside the door so you can reach the hardware inside.

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Look for a small slit around the edge of the plate, or the piece that surrounds the bronze door handles. When you find the track or on the bottom of the plate, if you have no nicks. And carefully slide a screwdriver as far as it goes into the slot. Use the screwdriver as a lever to pop the plate off the door. Repeat on the other side of the door if necessary. Check the steering wheel’s inner workings. Move the plate outside the door, if possible, or attach it with a rubber band close to the head on the steering wheel to get it out of the way. Most buds will attach with two screws. And one on each side of the door, holding the two knobs on the spot.

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You change a bronze door handles without screws, gently pull the two knobs apart, and remove them from the door. Then remove Dead latch by unscrewing the two screws that are linked to Dead latch or protruding piece that protrudes from the door into the door frame to keep the door closed. Install the new wheel by reversing the process with new knobs and hardware. Screw Dead latch, and make sure the rounded edge of the lock is facing the direction the door close. Then add the plates around the lean part of the knobs and twist the knobs. Either screw or snap the tiles in place, depending on whether your new dial plates with screws.

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