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Barrel sink – Get a wooden barrel from a bodega or whiskey distillery. A rainwater collection system can be as simple as a single plastic trash can placed underneath a gutter drain. But they do not have much nostalgic charm. With the increase in popularity of the wineries, the availability of wooden barrels has increased considerably. The barrel was pierced by a cap, in case the cork is still in place. Or you will have to patch it before it can use as a rain barrel.

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Drill a hole approximately 2 inches above the bottom of the barrel sink to install gravity feed system. Select a 3/4 “hose or a straight PVC deep coupling socket, to which you can attach a 1-inch-by-3/4-inch threaded adapter to accept a hose coupling. Use a drill or saw that will allow proper fitting on the hose thread or PVC coupling.

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For example, for a 3/4 inch threaded hose, use a 7/8 inch drill bit and force the threads of the hose into the wood barrel. Liberally cover the threads of the hose or the silicone PVC coupling outside before forcing it into the hole. Wrap around the hose or coupling with more silicone and let it dry thoroughly before putting water into the barrel sink.

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