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Rustic shelving – Wood, handmade shelves are perfect in a rustic-themed bathroom. Decorative edge adds a sense of rustic charm to any bathroom. And you need not be a woodworking expert to achieve an attractive rustic bathroom shelf system with a decorative touch. Ornamental patterns can be cut out with a jigsaw very easy, and if you want to add an extra flourish, use the router work well. Homemade rustic shelves for the bathroom are within reach for most people with basic woodworking skills.

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Measure 3 inches from each end of the 27-inch plank, which is the back of the bathroom rustic shelving, and mark a line across the plank on this point. Draw a decorative border on each end of the shelf back, with the help of the 3-inches marked off at each end that space to create the design. Select a 2-inch line along the length of the two 21 inch boards which are shelf sides, and drawing a decorative border on the sides of these planks also. Cut out the decorative border with the jigsaw. Sand all bits, including the 20-inch planks, which are shelves.

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Clip the three shelves on the shelf back along the lines marked earlier. There should be one inch of space on each side of the shelves. Run four equally spaced screws through the back of the shelf and into each of the shelves. Then place the shelf sides along the sides of the shelves, the decorative side facing out. The shelf sides should fit snugly next to the shelves of the 1-inch gap. Drive two screws through the side of the shelf side at the ends of each shelf. Fill the screw holes on the side with screw plugs. Then use the stud finder to locate two studs in the bathroom wall. And then place the rustic shelving on the wall between the studs.

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