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Teak Bench – Indigenous to South Asia, teak is a tropical hardwood known to have excellent moisture resistance. Teak is commonly use in marine applications and is the natural resistance to rot. And deterioration makes it an excellent material for moist environments. Although wood is expensive, building your own teak shower seat is typically more cost effective than buying one.

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Place two 16-inch boards on the edge, parallel and 9 inches apart. Place the 9 inch boards between them so they are perpendicular to the 16 inch and 14 inch teak tops apart. Screw through the 16-inch plates and into the ends of the 9-inch teak plates. This is the frame for your shower teak bench.

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Place the flat bezel and position the 15-inch teak boards perpendicular to the inside corners of the frame. Screw through the corners of the frame by means of four screws in each corner to secure the 15 inch plates. These plates are the legs for your bench. The legs should still be to ensure your seat does not balance, so do not let the ends of the 15 inch plates are all flush with one side of the frame before they are screwed.

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Sand down the bench with a medium grade sandpaper and then fine to avoid splinters. Wipe the seat with a damp cloth before use. Many wooden suppliers will cut the size of wood for you. Do not use power tools when standing on wet surfaces of your teak bench.