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Teak bar stools – Wood teak is often the material of choice for bar stools. The natural beauty can easily shine in any bar space and is fully adapted to the decor of any room. Bar stools can be very expensive, so create your own allows you to customize your bar while saving money in the process. Creating wooden teak bar stools are a fairly simple project that will provide comfortable seating for all your guests bar area.

Posted on December 11, 2017 Teak

Build teak bar stools, mount bone structure. Place the four 29 1/2-inch pieces of solid wood teak in a standing position. Then apply wood teak glue to the end of the 16-inch piece of wood teak and place it along the inner edges of the 29 1/2 inch wooden legs. And then repeat this for all the 16-inch sections and legs to create a square contour. Then measure down 14 inches and repeat the 16-inch installation at this location. Nail the pieces in place. Hammer in a nail at each 16-inch section to attach it to the bones. Place the legs in the standing position as the square contour is at the top.

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After that to build teak bar stools, fasten the seat top. Apply a thin layer of wood teak glue around the top surface of the square frame. Line its peak with 18-inch square and firmly press down to secure the seat to the legs. Nail the podium together. Finally, hammer a nail in each corner and two spikes along the top of each outer edge, evenly spaced.

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