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Strap hinge – When building a new barn, there are many types of hinges. And hardware to choose from for your barn door. We will explore several options and types of hinges and accessories to build a safe, effective and appropriate barn door.

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Strap hinge is one of the hinges of the most basic and versatile to the barn door. Come in various lengths and styles. No matter how good the hinge looks it is very important to ensure you have the correct rating assignment. If your door weighs 200 pounds, you should have hinges rated for the weight of it. If a single hinge is rated for say 100 pounds. Three hinges will be more than enough for a 200 pound your door. Most hinges rope about 20 “long provided much support for the heavy barn door.

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Strap hinge is one of the most costs effective rope depends on the market. There are two main components pinnel hinges, strap attach to the door frame and pinnel part attach to the frame of the frame. Pinnel end has a pin on it that is attach to the rope at the door. It allows you to attach. The components in each structure and then assemble the door to the frame. Strap hinges pinnel usually use lag screws or bolts for assembly. Most often hinge pinnel black in nature and can be mechanically create or fake hand on a piece of wrought iron.

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