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Cast iron tub designed for relaxing in the warm water and the bathtub side’s passengers of today, water-efficient bath. Although they are more of a challenge to step into because of their higher sides, old cast iron tub bring character and a touch of nostalgia to the bathroom. Paint a cast iron tub is a cost effective method to return the shine of the bathtub, hiding discoloration or change the color of the bath to match your interior design preferences.

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Prepare the gun with acrylic urethane enamel paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Put on the face ventilation, and gloves. Practice using spray paint on a shimmering field in the bathroom. Move gun from left to right, and then release the trigger to avoid runs in the paint.

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Vintage Cast Iron TubSize: 862 x 583

Classic Cast Iron TubSize: 600 x 600

Cast Iron Tub ShowerSize: 750 x 750

Cast Iron Tub FixturesSize: 934 x 934

Cast Iron Tub CornerSize: 650 x 650

Cast Iron Tub BadSize: 768 x 768

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When you feel comfortable with the spray gun, start painting the cast iron tub. Begin spraying the tub moves left to right (or right to left if you’re left-handed). Painting the rim on the sides and back. Paint the inside and bottom of the next. Finish by painting the front edge and the outer side of the tub. Apply as many coats as directed by the manufacturer, which can be up to three coats.

Let the paint dry between coats, even according to the manufacturer’s instructions — usually between 15 and 30 minutes. Remove the protective coatings and masking tape. Leave the window open until all vapors have been cleared. Let dense dry overnight before using the bathtub.

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