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Ceiling mounted rain shower head – When homeowners see the bathroom as a sanctuary rather than a utilitarian space. They want it to be more aesthetically pleasing. In order to respond to this desire, every year designers. And manufacturers to introduce new suite of products to help the bathroom serve as an extension of the home’s living space. Commonly requested features for a bathroom remodel include custom showers. Then, soaking tubs and use of lavish materials. These elements combine to create a striking bathroom design.

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Have your shower tiled with imported glass or porcelain tile to make a remarkable statement. Then, include steam features and electronically controlled pressure and temperature. Ponder the addition of a ceiling mounted rain shower head with chemotherapy showing different colors of LED light designed to strengthen or calm. Some models also have cycles of chemotherapy inspired by nature.

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Do not underestimate the influence that a vanity plays in bathroom design. Vanities inspired by high-end furniture design give extravagance to a bathroom. Rich wood vanities adorned with detailed moldings and hardware inspires awe. If a modern look is preferred, go with simple lines, but believes topped vanity with glass. Some Italian glassmakers laminate popular colors in a tempered glass for use in the bathroom.

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