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How To Change A Bathtub Strainer – A bathtub’s screen or drain body, typically plumbers putty between it and the bottom of the tub. Making removing an old strainer a difficult process if you do not use special tools and methods. If you do not own a drain key, you can use a pair of slip-joint pliers and a large screwdriver to create a makeshift strainer removal tool to break plumbers putty seal. Even with the right tools, you must apply force at first to break the seal and start to remove the old filter.

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Turn the handles of your slip-joint pliers in the bathtub strainer so the handles are stuck in various openings. Thread a large and long screwdriver between the slip-joint pliers’ handle. Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to close the pliers and asked strainer. Install a drainage key in the bath sieve opening. Turn the dial on the key drain so important expands; stop when the key pushes tightly against the inner walls of the strainer.

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Hold a wrench on the upper part of the drain key. Use the wrench to turn the drain button and bathtub strainer counterclockwise. Roll plumbers putty between your hands to create a rope-like shape about as long as the filter body circumference, then wrap the rope to the bottom of the new bath strainer body. Thread screen into the downpipe through the hole in the bottom of the tub. Tighten the new tub strainer drain with either the key or slip-joint pliers or screwdriver. Use a cloth to wipe away plumber’s putty that spreads out from between the drain body and bath.