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Colored toilet seats – Over time, the tops and seats of the toilet can damage. In the market there are many new and modern models and for this. We are going to teach you how to change the lid and toilet seat in an easy and simple. The most important thing is to choose the model that best suits the shape and dimensions of the toilet. In our case it will be a standard model.

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The first thing will be to remove the old lid and the colored toilet seats. And then, remove the moths by hand. If necessary a pliers or wrench could be used, depending on the nuts. Once all is remove, clean the surface with a cloth. The next step is to place the new lid and the new toilet seat. Then, place the two fastening pieces and two rubber washers on the cover in order not to damage the ceramic. In the case of the screws, a few inches can move to fit the toilet.

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Good Colored Toilet SeatsSize: 2000 x 2000

Cute Colored Toilet SeatsSize: 2000 x 2000

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Then, insert the screws into the holes in the bowl and to fix the anchors attach plastic washers to the bottom of the colored toilet seats. To fasten the anchors fasten with nuts that we will tighten with a wrench or the key that can bring the kit of cover and seat of the toilet. In this simple way we have seen how to change the lid and the toilet seat. And also easy DIY job with which to restore a toilet.

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