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Copper shower head – Replacing the shower fixtures are a quick and easy way to update the look of a bathroom. This also happens to be a job like any do it yourselfers can handle on a Saturday afternoon. There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars a plumber to install your new fixtures. Copper fittings are an excellent choice for the replacement fixtures. Although they will require regular maintenance to keep their shine, they will add certain elegance to the room.

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Remove the old copper shower head. Grasp the nut under the head by hand and rotate it to the left, turning it from the water. If the head will not come off, use a wrench to loosen. Clean the exposed pipes with steel wool and then wrap it with plumbers tape for a strong waterproof seal. Screw the replacement of copper shower head. Use the wrench to tighten.

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Remove the old spout, depending on the style. It can be either manually unscrewed or it may be a small set screw must remove before sliding the spout away. Clean the pipe with steel wool and re-wrap the pipe with tape. Install new copper shower head pipe. Use the set screw style because they have fewer tendencies to seal with rust over time. Then, push the spout on and secure with set screw.

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