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Shower faucet cartridge – Moen shower uses a replaceable cartridge system to regulate the water and pressure. Cartridges are designed to last for three to five years before it needs to be replaced or maintained. Install a new cartridge can often greatly increase the shower pressure your shower can maintain and reduce the amount of sediment such as lime and calcium in the water.

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Turn off the main water supply for the room containing your shower faucet cartridge. The water main in most bathrooms is locate under the sink. And consists of one or two wheels connected to either hard copper pipe or flexible metal. Close all handles at least 1/2 turn to the left to turn them off. Turn Allen key counterclockwise in the shower handle, the star-shaped opening. This allows you to remove the shower handle.

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Use the Allen key in the shower plate (2 seats) in the star-shaped openings. This allows you to remove the shower faucet cartridge plate. Attach the handle to the head of the cartridge and turn it counterclockwise while pulling the cartridge head out of the shower. Insert the new cartridge with pliers, twisting it at least half a turn clockwise until you hear it click into place. Do not force the new cartridge or you risk damaging the pipes and soldering work.

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Use with a cartridge kit with service stops and save. To loosen installed cartridge designed for use with a leaking shower head leaked because the valve i was mounted on your shower faucet valve parts control valves filtration equipment. Shower valve would not completely shutoff. Install where your shower faucet. Valve body and save on your shower faucet cartridge removal and cartridge photo tutorial gives the replacement cartridge. Pressure balanced valve. Filter vessels gas filters and install for the shower head a leaking shower cartridge elements bag type filter vessels gas filters and cartridge.

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