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Bathroom commode will not last forever, or you can choose to replace it with one that fits the look of the bathroom when you renovate it. Changing commode requires the help of a plumber, but is something you as a homeowner can do with simple tools and a few supplies. The most important part of the installation is to ensure commode is anchored down properly; otherwise the sewage leak later.

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Turn off the water to the old bathroom commode by turning off valve handle clockwise as hard as you can. Flush commode time to empty the water, and then undo the connection between the hose and the water stop valve, by means of a wrench.

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Remove the plastic covers from each side of the commode base, and then remove the nuts from the bolts, using the key. Pull up on the commode bowl to remove it from the bolts and break the wax ring seal. Scrape away any waxy residue from the flange, using a trowel. Inspect the flange for damage. If the flange is damaged, back out the anchor bolts and secure a new flange with anchor bolts.

Press the curved or rounded side of the new wax ring to the bottom of the bathroom commode, around the opening is called the horn. Lower the commode over the flange and bolts and press the bowl tightly when you tighten the nuts on the closet bolts. Place the plastic caps over the screws, trimming bolts with a close fourth hacksaw if the bolts are too long for the caps.

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