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Teak corner shower bench – The bench is one of the most useful accessories we can have in the house. Since it acts as a storage furniture, seat and decoration itself. A bath bench can solve an area that we have not decorated in a practical and stylish. A bath bench can be useful to us anywhere in this room. Whether in the shower, for the comfort of the elderly in the house, or in any other corner.

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Almost all styles support a teak corner shower bench. They will only change the design and materials with which it is made. Made of metal or wrought iron, for example, for industrial, exotic or vintage decorations. Wood, however, fits almost any style. You just have to make sure your bank is treat with the right products to resist moisture own bathroom.

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You can also use it to differentiate zones. If you have a large room, bathroom use your bank to dimension a dressing area. Put it near a corner perpendicular to the wall and add a shelf with towels and bathrobes. You will be able to dress when you leave the shower with total comfort. If your teak corner shower bench has a shelf under the seat, adds wicker baskets. Garnish with a pretty bow and you have a fixture as chic.

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