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Small bathroom sinks – A small suspended washbasin can become the focal point of your bathroom knowing how to choose the lines and materials. The recessed faucet is an idea that comes out of traditional sinks, being of a small size, this option makes the design cleaner. A small wooden countertop makes the perfect combination with the finish of the sink materials. The choice of these modern lamps will certainly enhance the design of Famm Design.

Posted on October 27, 2017 Bathroom

Do you want to give a retro touch to your bathroom? This design by Mariangel Coghlan is a good idea to achieve it besides that you will add luxury. And also glamor to the environment. Small bathroom sinks in limestone on wood.  It is a combination with which you will have no fault, being natural and noble materials allow to merge.

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Playing with the mirror can be a great help, giving you brightness and a sense of spaciousness to the bathroom. To achieve the small bathroom sinks in retro style, the elements of the decoration must look old, like the frame of the mirror. Details such as the lantern-style lamp and the presence of the chair accentuate the elegance of space itself. Don’t forget to check our gallery to inspire you!