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Floor mounted door stop – Having a door that will not stay open can be a big hassle and discomfort. Even when you leave it open, it may gradually close or partially close. Fortunately, there are a number of simple and affordable measures to solve this problem. From adding items to the door to using simple stops. Most of these solutions require no special tools or knowledge. And can complete by the owner of the house in as just a few minutes.

Posted on October 10, 2017 Door

Install a floor mounted door stop or magnet brake. These small and affordable pieces in a hardware store are placed on the floor or on the wall behind the door. When the door is open, a hook or magnet on the pull side of the door is connect to the wall mechanism, keeping the door open. Magnet versions work automatically, while hook versions must manually adjust. They only require a drill and a screwdriver for installation.

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Another floor mounted door stop ideas is inverts into a decorative door catch. Make of iron or ceramic, these small additions can find in a lot of colors , shapes and sizes. They are one of the simplest ways for anyone to be able to stop a door that is closed, and can also be used to complement the decoration of a room.