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Entry Door Locks -Locks are an essential component to ensuring safety and tranquility of people inside home or business. Some feature a simple operation that allows us to install in a few steps, others are more innovative and offer greater guarantees in terms of security. What used in each case? And also how to choose ideal model if it is an exterior door? How to install? Find out in following lines.

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Most common types of locks are recessed or recessed entry door locks:  They are very common in interior doors. Its operation is quite simple, it allows retract safety latch via a rotary knob. Most models do not incorporate a set of keys, but you can opt for this feature if you need higher security for rooms in town. Cylinder locks:  are also known as Euro profile locks. They are intend mostly to exterior doors and consist of a bowler hat pear or cylinder can lock or unlock lock by a key. Tubular locks:  They are very similar to latch locks and can be easily identification by presence of a button or tab that locks door from inside.

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How to install entry door locks? First, Check height that will install lock. Usually placed on 91 and 96 cm above floor. If it is a mortise lock, fixed retirement about 5.5 cm to 5 cm respectively interior and exterior doors. At intersection of both measurements you must perform hole. to make hole, it provides a central point with punch and pierces both sides. Do not forget opening for latch. Use a chisel deep enough when making recess. Make sure lock is insert into hole properly. When placing hole for bolt, check that it matches perfect with height of lock. Do not forget to leave enough room for latch.

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