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Modern Vanities – A bath can be many things: a place to start and end the day or a relaxing place where you can stay in the bath and forget the troubles of the day, for a while. When you are decorating the bathroom, the decor should reflect the atmosphere you are trying to create. This extends to the vanity mirror you choose. As with everything else in the bathroom, the vanity mirror has to fit

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Measure the area above the vanity. This will help determine the size of the modern vanities mirror you choose. Record these measurements. Maintain consistent design style. If you have a modern bathroom with modern furnishings, then you should choose a vanity mirror that fit with the rest of the furniture. If you have a more traditional room bathroom, then you should get a vanity mirror that is more traditional. You can even make yourself a custom mirror if you cannot find one you like.

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Modern Vanities WhiteSize: 800 x 681

Modern Vanities SimpleSize: 920 x 639

Modern Vanities NaturalSize: 1024 x 768

Modern Vanities ModernSize: 852 x 864

Modern Vanities GlassSize: 800 x 735

Modern Vanities DoubleSize: 900 x 675

Modern Vanities DesignSize: 864 x 757

Modern Vanities CabinetSize: 1000 x 965

Modern Vanities BlackSize: 995 x 648

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Measure the mirror before buying. The mirror must be either the same width as the toilet or slightly lower. If the mirror is too wide or extends beyond vanity can make the mirror looks disproportionate. Choose two modern vanities mirrors, if you have two sinks. Mirrors should be focused on sinks and be proportionate.